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Sussex University law students helped mother win discrimination case

The legal advice from two Sussex students helped win the case

The advice from two University of Sussex Law students helped a new mother win her case in an employment tribunal, after she was unlawfully sacked from her job whilst on maternity leave.

The Sussex based new mother had been working for a leading hospitality company but was fired whilst on maternity leave.

She believed that her employer's decision was unjustified and therefore approached the University's employment law clinic, as she was left unable to pay for a lawyer.

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Under the supervision of a qualified solicitor, the two students, Deirdre Tinney and Monique Wagner, offered her legal advice in the areas they believed had potential to receive compensation: wrongful dismissal, unfair dismissal and maternity discrimination.

Through pursing the claim and following a hearing in court with a panel of one judge and two 'lay' tribunal members, the mother was awarded compensation of over £30,000.

Speaking to the University of Sussex, the mother said "I am grateful to the University of Sussex’s law students who listened to my experience and gave me great legal advice"

"Without that, I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to go ahead with the tribunal. I stuck to the advice I was given by the students during the hearing and I am thrilled to have won my case."