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Here’s how to be in the Question Time audience at the University of Sussex

Who’s ready for their five minutes of fame?

As reported by The Sussex Tab, Question Time, the BBC's topical news show, is coming to the University of Sussex campus this month.

Taking place at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Question Time will be hosted a month before the upcoming General Election and revolve around the United Kingdom's policies with Brexit.

The recording is free to attend and those interested can apply through the BBC website. Just select 'Brighton' in the drop down menu, and you'll be able to apply within minutes.

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When applying to be an audience member you are expected to answer questions about your political beliefs, ethnicity and lifestyle to ensure a diverse and representative audience.

If selected you will be contacted the week of the recording, which takes place 14th November, and will be expected to submit two questions to put towards the panel, who are as yet unannounced .

The Creative Director of the ACCA Laura McDermott said, “We’re hopeful that those lucky enough to attend will hear and participate in a robust and impassioned debate but that participants on all sides will respect each other’s opinions and the right to speak their own minds."