Brighton’s Best Dressed: Halloween edition

We can confirm no Peaky Blinders have been included

The air is colder, the nights are darker, and somehow it's November already. Spooky season might be over- but don't put up your Christmas tree or cry about your deadlines just yet.

Take a look at the best costumes of Halloween 2019, brought to you by no other than the people of Brighton.

We saw many of our favourite characters

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Happy Halloween from barbie and her besties??

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I'm CLUELESS as to who these gals are.

Mario Bros over hoes

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Big night for Lucas and Mark

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Some creative couplings…

Image may contain: Face, Man, Sleeve, Boy, Person, Human, Denim, Jeans, Pants, Apparel, Clothing

I don't know what brought Chandler Bing and the Real Slim Shady together but I'm upset I wasn't there.

Originality? 1/10. Execution? 10/10

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I shoulda been born on halloween

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The resemblance is unKENny (sorry).

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? Ah, ah, ah, yeeeea ?

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Some were pretty spooky

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Wingin’ it ?

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And some were pretty sweet

We saw some excellent group efforts…

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We are eternally grateful ?

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Effort: minimal. Payoff: infinity (and beyond).

This is so iconic

Sometimes it got political

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EU flag but make it ABBA

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And sometimes it got physical

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Wake me up before you go go ?

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Brighton, just as we expected, you have out done yourself once again.

Until next year, stay spooky!