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Power cut on the University of Sussex Campus causes outrage

Students on campus left with no power or hot water

The University of Sussex students were left without electricity and hot water today, due to a power cut running across campus.

Every building was left affected by the power outage, apart from the library and Falmer House.

Many students were left angry that they had not been contacted by the University directly and that their residential advisors were left to investigate the problem.

Both the Cooperative and Northfield bar were temporarily closed, however the Cooperative has now re-opened.

One employee at the Cooperative told us that: “My colleagues working have had to barricade themselves in with cages because they didn’t have power to pull the shutter down. They’re moving all the fridge and freezer contents out the back to be collected to take to other co ops.”

The power outage heavily affected accommodations like Northfield. Students living there took to their facebook group to find out what was going wrong.

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One RA for Northfield sent a message around to the students and made clear the alternatives they can use for showering, electricity and storing their medication.

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The power is now back on however many students are still left without hot water. They've been directed to use academic buildings for showers and communal areas for kitchen appliances.