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Here are the top tips to finding yourself an other half this cuffing season

Let the cuffing commence

For anyone who isn't sure what the term 'cuffing season' means, it is basically the time of year when people couple up and find themselves a significant other to make the festive season even better.

Whether you call it chirpsing, flirting, pulling or courting, cuffing season is here and if you want to be successful you have to act now.

Remember your worth and that you're not desperate!

First and foremost, don't cuff yourself off to any random person you meet. In reality, cuffing season is much longer than summer so get rid of your 'summer fling' mentality and source yourself a wholesome winter lover.

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All I want for Christmas is my significant other

Understand that 'types' don't exist in cuffing season

Try dating someone who doesn't categorically fall into your 'type', you might even surprise yourself.

If you find that you typically date a blonde, then ditch the blondes and go for someone who doesn't necessarily tick all your boxes. You might even surprise yourself and couple up with someone you never expected.

Reconsider old flames that have died out

Don't think that you need to find someone brand new this cuffing season, maybe reignite the fire you once shared with your previous significant other.

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Still in the game, baby

If the relationship ended on a bad note or it was toxic then maybe skip onto the next tip and definitely don't message your ex!

Accept that 'seasonal sexiness' is real

Winter is the perfect season to fall in love, everyone loves Christmas and it makes everyone happy. The hot chocolate, the generosity, the music and potentially the influx of alcohol all contribute to a big mood boost every year.

It is the most wonderful time of the year where everyone is filled with joy! Why not share this seasonal happiness with someone because nothing says sexy like your partner in a kinky santa costume.

Avoid being creepy

If you're cuffing and one person loses interest, don't force it to carry on and definitely don't turn bitter if things naturally come to a holt.

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Molly-mae vibes lol

If things turn sour, don't result to social media and posting about them. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE a "men are trash" but maybe limit it to something vague or even nothing at all.

Get to know each other

As many dating websites will say, in relationships you see a lot of talking but no sharing!

We understand that cuffing is light hearted and only intended for the winter period but getting to know one another won't harm anyone. It is key that you know where you stand and that you both know exactly what to expect.

Best of luck for this cuffing season, we wish you every success and all the seasonal sexiness in the world. Go get em' tiger.