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Every relatable struggle if you’re the only single one in your friendship group

Endless set-ups and constant door knocking? This one’s for you

Whether you're newly single or have been experiencing this for years, the likelihood is that most of us will relate to being the only single one in a group full of loved-up mates. If you haven't experienced this, we envy you.

Apparently pretty much everybody is a suitable match in this day and age, which makes life as a third, fifth, or even seventh wheel, particularly tedious. Here are all the struggles and hardships life throws at you when you're the only single friend.

Unnecessary set ups

Seeing as all your mates are pretty sorted love-wise, you become their project. They're plucking people out of thin air from pretty much everywhere; in bars, in pubs, at uni, on the train, at the gym, walking down the street, the list goes on.

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Your flatmates playing matchmaker on nights out

Then there's a night out and it seems like all your mates are too pissed to remember their ongoing quest as cupid. You think you've finally caught a break, happily losing your dignity on the floor of the Cheese room, and your mate pops up behind you with their chosen suitable match. Unsurprisingly it kills the vibe and you are overcome with a sudden urge to head home.

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Getting mistaken for someones partner

Sometimes you're left with no choice but to head out with your bestie and their other half. Once you get over the initial third-wheeling fear, it all doesn't seem that bad, until your mate goes to the loo and you and THEIR partner get mistakenly thought of as together. You both sit there politely ensuring that you are just friends, awkwardly sipping on your dark fruits wishing for their swift return to balance out the group again.

Being terrified to walk into your mates room if you know their partner is round

If you were thinking that the awkwardness would stop outside of the front door, believe it or not, it doesn't. As we all know, living in a shared uni house can sometimes be awkward. I don't like to count the times I've walked in on my mates on top of their boyfriend, who will awkwardly wave at me whilst I'm backing out the door with my eyes closed and cheeks red. Most houses will implicate some kind of rule that if someone is planning to have someone over, try and let the others know, and for God's sake, KNOCK.

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You never know, maybe one day these set ups will work and you'll have a cheeky smooch in Przym x

The last thing that acts as a constant reminder of how tragically single you are, is the shared walls. If the bed springs aren't creaking in the room next to you, it's the room below. Or the room next to the kitchen. Or next to the bathroom. Beds creaking paired with giggling and whispering about how quiet they're trying (and failing) to be isn't really what any of us would want to hear when crying over your coursework, SHOCK.

At the end of the day, the only thing we can do is stay strong and power through the blind dates, one may even be your soulmate (doubt it though).

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