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All the struggles of being a Second Year living on campus

What do you mean Uber Eats don’t deliver here?


Most second years move out of their tiny uni room, into a house for second year, but I choose to stay on campus. Students can only usually stay on campus for their second year for medical reasons, and having OCD means a private en suite is a necessity. Whilst being on campus does have it perks, as a second year, it has plenty of struggles.

Circuit laundry

Second and third years usually give a sigh of relief when they realise that the horror known as 'Circuit laundry' is finally over, as they have a washing machine in their house. However living on campus through to your second year of uni means the struggle continues.

Paying £4.90 for one wash and dry is every Freshers' worst nightmare, and mine too, as a Second year still living on campus. I dread to think how much money I have spent, and how many clothes have been ruined by my lack of domestic skills. Whilst I have to do the weekly trek just to wash and dry my clothes, my friends can sit in the comfort of their own houses, waiting for their clothes whilst they watch Netflix.

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No Uber Eats

What do you mean you have Uber Eats, you live in Brighton?

Can't be bothered to cook? Forgot to go food shopping? Uber Eats is every student's best friend, or so I hear. Living in Falmer, and not central Brighton means Uber Eats won't deliver. If I fancy a cheeky Nando's it means getting the bus to collect it, sorry Nando's but you're not worth the effort. At least we have Dominoes.

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Single beds

Unless you live in East Slope, where they get small double beds, living on campus means a single bed. Most second years go into a house and can get a double bed, not me. For one person a single bed is manageable, but when your friends come to stay or you fancy inviting your partner over for some 'Netflix and Chill', sharing a single bed is tight, and means no sleep for either of you.

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Can you just move over to the left?

All your friends live off campus

The worst thing about living on campus is all of your pals from first year live in town. No more popping over for 5 minutes and leaving three hours later, all visits are prepared in advance and require a 30 minute bus journey there and back.

You don't live in a house

Not living in an actual house, and living in a room with a shared kitchen feels like you're on summer camp, for the whole year. It doesn't feel like a proper home, especially when compared to your friends' fully furnished houses.


Want to video chat your friends? Want to hand your work in on Turn-it-in?Eduroam has other ideas. Incapable of handling Facetime, or more than 4 tabs open, Eduroam regularly drops out and fails to connect, it's not even like I can use my phone data as there's no service in Campus Halls.

But it's not all bad, all included bills and being 10 minutes from 9am lectures make all the struggles just about worth it (sometimes).