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A Love letter to: Concorde 2

Home of the best boogie in Brighton

It's no doubt that Concorde 2 hosts some of your most iconic nights out, they're wild and leave you with some of the best memories of your university life.

But what makes it different to the other Brighton clubs? Well, it has the biggest sound system for a start, a feature which attracts the dedicated student clubbers and concert lovers.

Concorde 2, we love you and here is why:

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Maybe you'll have an emotional moment with the MC

Music is the venue's number 1 priority

Unlike some of the other seafront clubs, clubbers go to Concorde for the music rather than for the pull, meaning that the chat you have with that stranger in the smoking area is more likely to be a drunk discussion of your favourite artists’ new tracks than the usual small talk graft.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love a good Tuesday night at Patterns just as much as the next person. But being at Concorde, you can boogie the night away shamelessly to the blasting tunes knowing you don’t have to worry about any judgement. Everyone is loving the dad dancing just as much as you.

It's easy to get lost

It goes without saying that Concorde 2 is a literal maze when you first go. With the five sets of toilets, three music rooms and two smoking areas, it can be quite overwhelming. However there are loads of security to help you go in the right direction!

When you do get to know it, it’s like a helpful friend where toilet queues are shorter, dance space is larger and you feel as safe as you would in your own home. If you go enough, security turn into friends rather than bouncers, lending a hand in your time of need when you've lost your phone, your friends or the more likely option, your dignity.

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Hands up if you're skipping your 9am

As soon as you walk through the door into the venue, the first room is huge and the bar is always speedy because of the amount of staff they have working.

With a can of red stripe in hand, you and your friends are ready to dance your way through to the main room.

It makes for an incredible visual show

The light systems are incredible, multicoloured lasers shoot all over the club making intricate patterns on the walls, strobes flash above you so you can only see every other movement and there's an MC on the stage spitting bars like never heard before.

The music and lights make the stress of deadlines drift away, the red stipe also helps.

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A walk with a stunning view

The night is literally never ending until morning breaks in and it's time to go home, Concorde 2 never disappoints and it's more than likely you'll leave with a smile on your face.

Club photos courtesy of Concorde 2