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All the things I wish I’d known about before coming to Sussex University

You won’t need 10 spatulas

Leaving home and moving away to uni can be a difficult experience for anyone, especially when you have no idea what to expect when you arrive.

But have no fear and remember you're not alone, everyone is in the same boat! So here is everything we were we had known about before coming to university:

Getting involved in societies

The University of Sussex has loads of different societies, from tea drinking to pole dancing!

One of the best parts of uni is the ability to join these different societies and find people who are passionate about the same things you are. It is without a doubt the best way to meet new people and best of all just spend your free time doing something you enjoy.

Making friends

Everyone comes to university with the fear that they won't make friends and they'll be alone. This is so normal and everyone feels the exact same!

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Squad goals

At the end of the day, everyone wants to make friends and even if you don't find 'your people' straight away, there is plenty of time for this!

Don't pack too much

Do not pack every single item you own. It is far too easy to convince yourself that you might just need that top that you haven't worn in about 5 years, or that even though you take English, your protractor and compass might just come in handy.

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It is best to just pack the essentials, aka clubbing outfits, alcohol and maybe a book or two.

Finding the love of your life at uni

Be prepared to fall in love at least once a week with any stranger that walks past who vaguely resembles 'your type.'

There's no doubt that you'll download tinder during the year and you'll see all the hotness Sussex has to offer. Just be prepared for seeing them around campus, in the library or on nights out!

Freshers flu is a real thing

You cannot escape it and no matter how hard you try freshers flu will attack.

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Be prepared for at least a week of coughing, sneezing and not being able to breathe 99 per cent of the time.

Freshers flu does eventually pass, until a years time when it will return with a nasty vengeance.

Make the most of your time

Especially living in a city like Brighton, the city is lively and packed full of students and events to go to with your friends!

Your time at uni will fly by, and as cliche as it sounds, if you make the most of it uni really can be one of the best times you will have.