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We spoke to the Sussex Students volunteering to look out for you on nights out

Introducing, The Good Night Owls

The Good Night Owls are a group of student volunteers who take to the streets of Brighton to help ensure that students feel safe before, during and after nights out. The Sussex Tab exclusively caught up with their team to find out more about who they are and what they do to help.

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Who are the Good Night Owls?

We are a group of student volunteers on a street safety patrol to help other students in Brighton have a great, safe night out. We go around the streets of Brighton in teams of three acting as a friendly face to speak to and serving as reassurance to students on nights out.

How can people reach out for help?

Anyone who finds themselves in a sticky situation can reach out to us via the radio system that links us to all the venues' door staff or be pick up by our foot patrol team.

When and where do you work?

We patrol central Brighton (including West Street and North Street) and the seafront from 11pm – 4am on Wednesday and Friday nights. This lets us routinely cover almost all of the main bars and clubs so we're never far away should you need us!

What training do you have?

All our volunteers complete an induction program that includes training in welfare support and caring for intoxicated people. More experienced volunteers and our team leaders receive full Level 3 FAW first aid training, in-depth welfare training. Many of our volunteers are also trained in water rescue, suicide intervention, and varying levels of advanced first aid skills including the administration of certain lifesaving medications.

What sort of incidents do you deal with?

In terms of student welfare, we deal with lots of lost, upset and distressed people whose night out hasn’t gone quite to plan. We are also trained and equipped to deal with more serious welfare issues such as the after effects of sexual violence or a mental health crisis should anyone need. On the medical side, we deal with a lot of drink and drug related issues, injuries from fights, falls and exposure in people who decided to go for a post-club swim. Occasionally we can be first on scene to more serious illnesses and injuries and are able to provide immediate lifesaving care until an ambulance arrives.

How do people call for help if they need you?

We're always at the other end of the radio so just ask the door staff at any night time venue in Brighton to give us a call.

How can people sign up to be part of the volunteer team?

We are always keen to recruit new volunteers. If you are a student at Sussex University and would like to get involved, please complete the Google Form. We ask for a minimum commitment of one shift per month (just three a term) and then full training plus uniform will be provided.

Keep up to date with updates from the Good Night Owls on their Facebook page or follow their Instagram @SussexGNO.