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An Ode to Pav Tav: Cheap drinks, weird decor and a very distinctive smell

We will always love you x

With the devastating closing of the Pavillion Tavern happens, we are dedicating this Ode to our confidant and friend, our Pav Tav.

Oh you sweet, sweet Royal Pavillion Tavern, where do we even start? You always knew how to make us feel better when we were upset. With your charm and cheap drinks you had us hooked on day one.

For those who never experienced the Pav Tav, to be blunt, you missed out. But we hope you can join us in reflecting the wonderful love affair we all once shared.

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Ain’t they cute.

A post shared by ? (@milanmaythomas) on Sep 28, 2018 at 9:27am PDT

The curtains did most definitely not match the drapes.

The decor was so outdated but we can look past that for the sake of love. From the ageing styled carpet, the horrendously patterned curtains and sticky wooden tables- you were still stunning and you knew it.

At Christmas time, you were the most beautiful tavern ever. The christmas tree, lit up in electric blue lights and all the wrapped empty boxed places underneath the tree was such a wholesome touch, you really knew how to keep up the festivities.

The beer mats on the bar were always soggy without fail, the walls had random ledges on them so you could easily balance a pint. Pav was thoughtful like that.

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see ya second year ??

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A friend, companion and tavern for all.

Obviously, you had to be eighteen or older to pass through the bouncers but once you did there was no turning back.

The Pav Tav was a place for locals, students and the elderly to become one. From deals on pints of John Smiths to four shots of tequila or sambuca for £8.

Sometimes the Pav Tav did get over crowded on a Monday or Thursday but that was only because everyone wanted to take advantage of its student night deals!

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Pav Tav

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Walking distance from the clubs.

Making your way there was a simple journey really, the Old Stein bus stop is two minute walk away and most buses stop there.

When you'd heard the same playlist being looped it was time to go and move on to a club, but that was no bother at all since the Pav Tav was surrounded by some of Brighton's best clubs! It was an ideal destination to pre-drink, with it being so close and within walking distance to Pryzm, the old Haunt, Volks and Revenge.

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Groove is in the Heart

A post shared by Izzy Langstone (@izzylangstone) on Feb 23, 2018 at 11:34am PST

An unforgettable atmosphere (and smell).

There is nothing quite like the Pav Tav, possibly has the nicest bouncers in Brighton who are up for a laugh!

The scent was like damp towel meets warm pint of carling, but that didn't phase us. In fact, we kept going back for more of 'Eau de Pav Tav' and it soon became familiar and quite homely to us.

We remember when walking up to the bar and not seeing the faded hazard tape to show where there was a step, we loved that so much.

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3 adults with their 3 little troublemakers

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There was always arguments over who put their pound coin down first on the pool table to have a game with their friend. Sometimes locals played students and there was a sense of unity in the air.

Cheap drinks for one, cheap drinks for all

The Pav Tav is the place to go if you're skint but want to get drunk. The drink deals were insanely good!

From Monday to Sunday you could get a pint of Carling for £1.50 or JD and coke for £2.25 and maybe if you're feeling extra wild you'd have went for a £1.25 tequila (salt and lime included in price x)