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All the Sussex things you’ve stopped doing now you’re home for summer

Mum can you get almond milk?

The time has come to stash away your hippie trousers, pretend to eat meat and stifle your need to talk about left wing politics. Another year complete and the time has come to head back to your hometown.

University has changed you, and if you go home with these habits – you're definitely going to get mocked for your Sussex traits. So here are all the stereotypical Sussex things you need to stop doing once you're home.

Dressing like a hippie

Before your parents arrive, find a discreet place to put your harem pants and lose the smell of incense. Although you hate to admit it, going months without seeing your wall tapestry is heart breaking.

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Being vegan

Vegan cafes are everywhere in Brighton. However, back home, it's time to be force fed eggs and roast lamb on Sunday. Your Grandma's lecture is unavoidable, as you have to explain that you're not going to starve. At this point, the moaning is far too much and it's definitely a little easier to hide your inner vegan.

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Vegan life x

Voting Green

The environment and left wing policies are talk of the town at Sussex, however it isn't quite so popular with the locals back home. In fear of becoming the stereotypical Sussex student, all green politics are to be avoided. Although, hiding your love for Caroline Lucas can be hard in a home surrounded by Tories.

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Tree huggers at heart


The diverse gender neutrality at Sussex may seem at a sharp contrast with your hometown. Living in one of the LGBTQ+ capitals of the world, has somewhat escaped your mind. You realise it's not common practise in your London borough to ask the preferred pronoun of the people.

Fear of Seagulls

Although not anticipated when starting at Sussex, 'seagullphobia' is a very scary reality.

The barricade of seagulls that steal your chips are a consequence of Sussex life. Now, on your family holiday, all food will remain hidden under your jacket.

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For all the things that may seem quirky about Brighton to your friends, family, and locals at home – you wouldn't change them for the world.