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University of Sussex declares a state of climate emergency

Adam Tickell claims urgent action is needed

University of Sussex Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell has joined forces with organisations around the world, declaring a climate emergency. He has claimed that "unless the higher education sector works together to address the problem, we will fail the young people who turn to us, and who need us to protect their futures".

Sussex have pledged to bring together academic experts to tackle climate change by devising the technological and policy solutions necessary. Up to three million pounds has been invested by the University to establish a global research programme to help deliver the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Vice-Chancellor has ensured that Sussex is drawing on its academic expertise to make sure it is as green as possible in its own activities, which has been done through the installation of solar panels, reusable mugs, increased recycling and food waste facilities and introducing works to embed sustainability across its curriculum.

The Committee will be working alongside the Students' Union to put in place plans a major event next academic year as a way of demonstrating the University's commitment to change.