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REVEALED: Joe Healy is Sussex’s BNOC of the Year

Your BNOC King has been crowned

The votes are in. The people have spoken. This year's competition has comprised of hundreds of nominations, thousands of votes and now it all comes down to this.

The Sussex Tab can exclusively reveal that Joe Healy is your official BNOC 2019.

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Rugby Fresher Joe clearly has some loyal fans who helped take him to victory, as your BNOC King comprised just short of 50% of the final votes with over 500 votes in total.

We caught up with Joe to see how he felt given his new fame and fortune. He said: "Who would have thought I'd ever see this day, I can't quite believe it". He also took the time to make a special mention to those who helped carry him through the competition.

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"I really couldn't have done it without The Boys, my life motto has always been 'the boys are all that matter', and this has proven to support me throughout this challenging endeavour".

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Speaking to one of Joe's greatest mentors through life, George White tells us how proud he is of Joe's victory. "I'm very proud of Joe, it's about time he won something" he says, "After the tragic failure of his modelling career he deserves some recognition for his valiant socialising efforts".

"It just goes to show that anyone can be your friend if you try hard enough", George tells The Sussex Tab.

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Of course, Joe also took the time to thank everyone at Sussex who voted for him. He said: "I also want to give a special shoutout to The Palace; Jake, Will, Alex, Fergus, Finn, Oli and Teddy, the boys in my life who have helped keep my feet on the ground and always helped me to remember where I came from and who got me there". Wow, really brings a tear to the eye.

Congratulations to our winner and for all the other nominations. Big shoutout to the students of Sussex for making this year's competition a smashing success. See you next year!