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Sussex’s BNOC of the Year 2019: The Final

The crème de la crème of Sussex

Votes have been counted and finalised for our biggest BNOC competition so far. With hundreds of entries narrowed down to fifteen a-listers, thousands of votes, views and shares Sussex students whittled it down to three BNOC worthy winners.

Below is the finest Sussex has to offer in 2019 and they all want to wear that mighty BNOC crown, for the final time this year we ask you to cast your votes down below for who you think is the ultimate BNOC of 2019.

We asked our finalists what being Sussex's BNOC of 2019 would mean to them. The Sussex Tab present to you: a hopeful future islander, a wholesome charity man, an axe dodger and Lewis Capaldi's long lost twin sister.

Joe Healy

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When we asked Joe what being the official Sussex BNOC of 2019 he moved us with his wholesome response "My school said NCS would make my CV stand out, my mum said volunteering would, but to me, winning BNOC would allow me to get any job I wanted, I fully believe that this is my destiny and I shall impart the power of BNOC into future generations of Healy’s".

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"I guess, I should be BNOC, cause everyone insists I know everyone, cause I can't get a drink from Pryzm with mates without people pulling me aside to say hello"

We asked this beautiful Rugby fresher what he wishes to get out of being Sussex's potential BNOC of the year 2019 and he wishfully said "Who knows perhaps I'll be the first deaf person to get onto love island after this!!" We love a dreamer Joe.

Jamie Stallard

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"My life depends on it"

Brighton's charity sweetheart, Jamie Stallard, told us that "the Groov Collective have now raised around £4500 for multiple charities across Brighton and the UK so we’re pretty happy about that"

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Hawaiian shirt and a can of bud…is this what heaven looks like?

"Due to my extremely egotistical nature and unending narcissism, I can only operate if I have sufficient levels of validation from people I barely know, therefore, my life literally depends on it". Well, we appreciate the honesty Jamie!

Matthew Sarsah

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We wish we looked this cool sitting on a door step

Matthew related to us all when he told us that "At this point I might actually be more excited to find out the results of this than the results of my degree!" Lets see who will come out with a FIRST (place title of Sussex's BNOC 2019)

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The potential BNOC reflected on a wild pre's he once had: "I can't remember the exact details but at pre's we were all messing around and my friend ended up throwing an axe that bounced through a window and nearly hit me" Wow – throwing axes is our favourite type of friendly banter too!

Isabelle Thurston

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Is this Lewis Capaldi or is this Lewis Capaldi?

Unlike Lewis Capaldi, Isabelle isn't Scottish but that doesn't mean they don't still look like long lost siblings. Isabelle told us that "It's made my mum doubt that we weren't separated at birth."

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Lewis Capaldi and his sweet doggo :')

Isabelle heartwarmingly told us that "Winning BNOC of the year would mean a lot to me because it's a qualification I could put on my CV that will probably mean more than my arts degree."

"Despite messaging him photos of myself 4 times, he's still ignoring me lol." Could you give Isabelle the popularity she deserves even if Lewis Capaldi won't?

Well. Who will it be? Crown your winner below. The champion will be announced on Friday. You have 3 days. May the best BNOC win.