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Sussex’s BNOC of the Year 2019: Round One

Kicking off the competition with a bang

Tilly Pennington, Second Year, History and American studies

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For her 19th birthday at East Slope, Tilly had a jagërbomb for every year of life.

It was an Epik Wednesday for Tilly when, “back in first year”, after a classic Pryzm night, “Tilly was on her way back to Northfield but strangely woke up outside Co-Op instead. She had passed out on a bench outside Co-Op!!!!”

When Tilly isn’t doing that she’s typically found in The Haunt on a Monday, making the most of the £5 for 5 jagërbomb deal.

Joe Healy, First Year, Business Management

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“Joe can’t hear but he’d like to see he won this award”

Described by his nominators as someone who “literally knows everyone”, Fresher Joe is a very familiar face around Sussex campus. His shaved head is a sign that he’s really made it in the world – all the way to Porec and back with his newly formed Rugby brotherhood and lack of hair to prove it.

Tour wasn’t all fun and games though, as poor Joe endured more than he signed up for. His nominators told us of the night that “someone needed a room to shag in, so they used Joe’s because his hearing aids were off”.

Despite his dashing good looks, Joe has not always struck up luck with the ladies. Earlier this year, Joe “went home after various different nights out with the same girl multiple times, only to be kissed goodbye and sent on his way when they reached her front door”. God loves a trier Joe, but don’t lose hope – we hear the Netball team will happily give you the lovin’ you deserve.

Sachin Patel, Second Year, Business and Marketing

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Sachin described his time at Sussex so far as “a wild couple years”

Second year student, Sachin was 17 when he first came to Sussex. “I did an international foundation, the whole year I used a fake ID from a friend who was 23, managed to get by the whole year without question,” he told The Sussex Tab.

Sachin was once without his glasses when he was withdrawing cash from the atm, so much so he “withdrew 200 quid not knowing where the money was, then went to Shoosh and spent another 300 for no reason, woke up at 10am, head lying flat on a chocolate cake.”