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Police in stand off with ‘man with axe’ in Brighton town centre

The police are responding to reports of a man carrying an axe

Riot police have closed off access to Tidy Street (near North Road) since approximately 4pm today.

A neighbour told The Argus that there is "a man with an axe who got it from the attic" and that residents are not "allowed to open [their] windows".

Sussex Police have said they are responding to "a domestic incident". Fire crews, armed riot police and now paramedics have arrived at the scene.

A local resident told an Argus reporter that there is no access for residents, "There is a student trying to get his notebooks for university but he can't get to his house."

As of 7pm some residents are being allowed to return to their homes and the majority of ambulances and police have left the scene.

Updates to follow.