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Vote now for your Sussex Lecturer of The Year

Here are the first batch of lovely lecturers recognised for their work

The results are in for Sussex's Lecturer of the year 2019 award, and the students of Sussex have not disappointed.

Sharing all the ways lectures go out of their way to make the university experience as engaging and enjoyable as possible really makes it clear why Sussex is so special.

We've reached out to the nominees and heard their sides of the story, so without further ado, here're the first round of your favourite lecturers vying for your support:

Jenna Macciochi – Life Sciences

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Jenna strives to bring each of her immunology lectures and seminars to life through her engaging and inspiring way of teaching. She credits the increased subscriptions to her modules, and positive feedback, as the main driving force behind her continued passion and determination to make her subject the very best it can be.

When asked about standout moments, Jenna shared that her favourite part of teaching is always "seeing the students graduating and reaching out to [her] afterwards, to update [her] on their continuing journey in the subject area".

Joanna Richardson – Biochemistry

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Joanna's hilarious opening line to the Sussex Tab when asked why she thinks she's been nominated made it clear why her students think so much of her: "my dashing good looks, extraordinary intellect and devastating wit? OK, perhaps not!

"I think, maybe, I’m really enthusiastic about the subjects but I empathise with the students. There’s a lot of pressure on them; more than when I was a student myself"

Joanna credits the use of web applications such as 'PollEverywhere', to assess students in lectures and let them raise topics they're unsure of, with their success.

When asked about a particular teaching memory, she says that engaging in conversations with students using the theory they've learnt is always an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

A particular story mentioned was one where a conversation in a lecture about the credibility of surviving off blood was argued using the very content she had just taught .

Evan Hazenberg – English Language

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Evan credits the rewarding nature of lecturing and teaching as the reason why he tries to make his content the best it can be. Noting that he strives to be as friendly and approachable as possible, Evan's firm belief that the best learning is done when a student feels supported clearly makes him a hot contender for Sussex's best lecturer.

When asked about standout moments, he notes the very best are the rare occasions when everyone actually comes prepared to a seminar.

Anotida Madzvamuse – Mathematics

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When asked why she believes she may stand out to her students as a lecturer, Anotida shared her drive to share the best knowledge to the best of ability in a positive manner. Her emphasis on listening to their concerns and aspirations highlights her commitment to her students.

Anotida told the tab that her favourite teaching moments are those when the classes are engaged and problems are solved positively and correctly. Her star students who go above and beyond to engage with the material are what she credits as most memorable.

Clive Webb – History

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Clive notes that he doesn't believe he is any better than any other lecturer, but that he is simply grateful to be recognised by his students after striving to help them develop their understanding of the world and current affairs through history.

Putting a lot of emphasis on opening a dialogue with students where he is as much the student as those he teaches, its clear to gauge how much his passion for his work has rubbed off on his students. He told the Sussex Tab: "my classes are therefore conversations in which students can be teachers and the teacher a student."

When we asked about funny, stand-out memories, Clive mentions a host of hilarious situations; ranging from encouraging all his single students to 'celebrate themselves' on valentines day, to performing a historic clothes reveal he retroactively realised more resembled a strip show to his unsuspecting students.

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