Popworld has arrived in Brighton: Here’s exactly what to expect

A place to seek refuge from The Arch or Concorde 2

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Whether you're a rugby lad, theatre lover, post-grad, under-grad or just a 43 year-old man cat sitting for your niece – Popworld has no judgement, just order a sex on the beach and get down to some TLC No Scrubs.

With Popword recently arriving in Brighton, here's everything you can expect, from pop music to photo booths.

They play cheesy records

The clue is quite literally in the name, the songs Popworld play on a Saturday night are so cringe-worthy they will take you on the ultimate trip down memory lane (and back to your just as cringe-worthy 2010 self).

It guaranteed as soon as you hear 'When I Grow Up' by the Pussycat Dolls you will be busting out that Just Dance 2 routine like you were in 2011.

Brb babe, just gonna spice up your life x

Freshers and mature students will unite

Ever wondered where to find a mature student on a Saturday night if they're not at Casablanca's? Try Popworld.

Pop classics are timely, therefore Pop World is the perfect place for all age groups. One second you'll be bonding with mature students over hits from 2010 ('I Got A Feeling' anyone?), people your Mum's age over Abba, and then bringing it right back to Justin Bieber, the pop king himself.

The girls' bathroom will boost your ego

Popworld toilets are the most wholesome place on earth. I have never heard so many compliments being said in one space before. You go girls!

Relationship advice? They've got you hun. Amazing top, where's it from? Nasty Gal, babe. A guy asked you back to his? Tell him your celebrating my birthday. Any scenario you could imagine, the gals' loo has got you covered.

There will be cheap drinks and a photo booth (name a more iconic duo)

Whether you're in the mood for a 'Woo Woo', 'Cheeky V' or want to keep it classy with the prosecco, all your drinks desires will be catered for.

Not only that, in your pop music induced happiness, why don't you snap a piccy of you and your mates in the photo booth. When you get home pin it to your notice board and then weep that the night is over.

Squad goals

There will be song requests , because everyone knows you're the best DJ

Request your favourite songs so you and the squad can get in formation. There's nothing like whacking on your house anthem, calling your girls up to the dance floor, and bashing out that dance routine you all know too well (boys, we know you have them too).

The DJ was a number one hun (because it's me) xo

You'll be devastated when the night is over

Popworld is actually quite the national treasure, and will bring all the feels you need for a wholesome heart. After a night of classic anthems, unreal company and a slightly lost voice from all the singing, you'll be devastated the night is over.