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Nominations are open for Sussex’s BNOC of the Year 2019

We’re back, baby

Last summer’s competition had Sussex students all across campus buzzing, wondering who would win that all-important title that anyone could only dream of having.

Sussex showcased some unbelievable candidates last year; URF legendary DJ’s, sexy sesh loving rugby boys, groovy gap yah girls, Sussex library’s most famous face and our very own King of the slopes from Sussex snow.

Unsurprisingly Marco, Sussex’s unsung hero of East Slope dominated the competition and was crowned BNOC of the year… So who is worthy of taking over the title this year?

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Sussex BNOC (aka Big name on campus) is your mate that somehow knows everyone, the Fresher that is part of every society, dominates their sports club, is seen on every night out of the week and whose famous face passes the border of Sussex Uni and claims their fame all across Brighton too. We’re looking for all kinds of BNOC’s. We want the student everyone is gossiping about, the one you see at every single Pryzm Wednesday social making a fool of themselves in fancy dress, the one who can rock up to Sussex library at 12pm and charm their way to a seat, the one who knows every rugby boy, netball girl, cheerleader and American footballer.

There is absolutely no doubt that the award will bring the lucky lad/lady crowned the title unending fame and fortune throughout the rest of their time at Sussex, so do them a favour and nominate them below.

Let the game’s commence.