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Parties, pubs and food deals: A rogue email went around tons of Sussex students yesterday

It all started with ‘pls don’t change my password’

Yesterday, a large number of Sussex students were subject to emails from a rogue email thread.

An email was sent out to a number of students regarding password resets. The original email stated:

"IT services will reset your password within the next 24 hours to protect your account and your data. Once this happens, you won't be able to access University services or connect to Eduroam."

A couple of students responded that they didn't want their emails changed, but those messages were sent back to everyone in the email thread.

Others soon joined in with the mass email thread. Here are some of the best responses.

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Some people were asking if people wanted to go for a drink, and there were even flat party invites

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Pizza toppings were planned

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And we got some food delivery tips

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Rogue email threads can bring new friends

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A third year student told The Sussex Tab: "This email thread provided me with lots of joy yesterday. It's heartwarming to see plans being made and new friends emerging from a boring email about uni passwords!"