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This is what happened when I ate at Buddies for an entire day

Truly a scientific investigation

In case you didn't know, Brighton is home to (and vastly improved by) the eatery known as Buddies restaurant. And yes, it is open 24 HOURS. That's all day, every day.

As a student, the only thing I enjoy more than a cheeky night in Coalition is the even cheekier munch that follows. And what could be better than this fine-dining experience? Leave your headache behind and bathe in the soft lighting of Buddies whilst feasting on a reasonably-priced meal fit for a king. Highly enjoyable, highly recommended.

However, as I only visit when absolutely steaming, it occurred to me that I have been blind to the vast menu options. What was I missing out on? Is this magical place just as magical at 3 pm on a Thursday afternoon as it is after a night on the seafront?

A comprehensive sampling was in order, and since Buddies is open 24/7, I took this as a sign to spend a full day in my favourite place, where every meal would be a Buddies meal. This meant I would then be able to answer THE ultimate question: could I get the same fantastical experience round the clock?

Meal 1: Breakfast

I dove in head first kicking things off with a hearty full English: beans, mushrooms, egg, hash brown, and some tomatoes to make me feel remotely healthy. Not the most expansive in terms of veggie options, but even so it sorted my hungover self right out.

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A Quorn sausage wouldn't have gone amiss, but you can't have it all.

Meal 2: Lunch

Lunch was a humble cheese toastie. It was at this point I began to wonder if being drunk would have aided the experience. Nevertheless, I was satisfied. Not the best, but definitely not the worst.

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Meal 3: Afternoon tea

I'll be honest with you here, I was getting a bit full at this point. However, the cakes were shouting my name. I don't generally partake in afternoon tea, but somehow I knew it was my calling. I felt regal, classy, elegant even…before remembering I was in Buddies.

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I sipped my tea with more grace than the Queen of England, then proceeded to devour an enormous slice of carrot cake.

Meal 4: Dinner

Dinner, tea, supper – call it what you want, but we all know the importance of lining one's stomach, and what better to do so than a giant bowl of pesto pasta? A student staple, dressed up to the nines.

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A look of true love

This was so good that I have since had dreams about it. A solid 11/10.

Meal 5: Chips

It felt almost wrong to spend so much time in Buddies and not order chips, so my final meal of the day was inevitably going to be just that.

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You just can't beat it

Worried about my vitamin D levels slightly, I relocated to the beach and ate in true Brighton style: as the sun set, in a mild state of terror as I avoided dive-bombing seagulls. The way nature intended.

After a full day of fine-dining, I felt a small pang of sadness as I walked out of the door for a final time, but I felt safe in the knowledge that I would definitely be returning (maybe after I've been to the gym).

So, was Buddies everything I expected it to be? Was it as amazing as my frequent three am visits? It now felt more like home than ever before, but is the experience best saved for those early hours of the morning? I'll leave it up to you.