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Exclusive: New East Slope developments to feature Wetherspoons

£1.75 pints!!!!

Building works have dominated campus-life this year, but we finally have some good news. When the next stage of the East Slope Development opens in September 2019, one of the new buildings will house an SU-run Wetherspoons.

The new Wetherspoons venue will be called The Slopebite, in homage to our lost bar East Slope. The name was voted for by the Sussex SU, and was suggested by Vice-Chancellor, Sanjeev Bhaskar.

Most importantly, the Sussex Students' Union has promised to subsidise alcohol prices in the new venue. We have been told that pints of Strongbow Dark Fruits, Fosters and Peroni will cost just £1.75!

SU President, Frida Gustafsson, told The Sussex Tab: "We are super excited to reveal our new collaboration with Wetherspoons. We are well aware that campus is missing out on a traditional, sticky, pub-like bar since we lost East Slope.

"Whilst Northfield Bar provides cocktail evenings and great food, we know that most students just want £5 pitchers and curly fries."

We have been informed that The Slopebite will have a kitchen, but do not yet know how the menu will shape-up.

P.S. April Fools x