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Hove, actually: Our favourite cafés in Hove

“Do you live in Brighton?” – “Hove, actually”

When you live in Brighton it's super exciting that you get to live in this beautiful city by the sea. But, after a while, going into town gets annoying with avoiding the tourists whilst still finding a nice café to sit in.

So here's a suggestion: visit Hove instead! Many tourists don't make it that far, and Hove has some really beautiful cafés to visit. Here's a few of our favourites.

GAIL's Bakery

Where: 157 Church Road

Whilst being a chain, the Hove café has a really homely feel. Who can resists these yummy-looking baked goods?

Hixon Green

Where: 124 Church Road

If you're looking for a bougie place to have a piece of cake (maybe your wealthy relatives are in Brighton who want to take you out), this is the place to go.

You also might spot a YouTuber.

Baked Academy

Where: 69 Church Road

This café uses locally-sourced ingredients for their lovely breakfast and brunch dishes.

Real Patisserie Hove

Where: 25 Western Road

Although there's one in Brighton, this little place in Hove is a nice sunny shop to get a snack and finish some work whilst avoiding the Brighton tourism.

Wolfox Health Café

Where: 105 Western Road

The brasserie Wolfox offers vegetarian and plant-based foods as well as organic coffee throughout the day and serves as a wine-bar in the evening. A bit pricey, but surely fancy and totally instagram-worthy.