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The Haunt is relocating to a new venue

The beloved Brighton club is changing location

After months of speculation it has been confirmed that The Haunt is soon to be closing its doors and relocating to a larger venue. The new space is located on East Street, right around the corner from the current site and will replace Days restaurant.

The Haunt has been a favourite Brighton venue and club for over 20 years, and is legendary for its vast array of club nights and live music gigs. While it may not be shutting down completely, it is nevertheless a sad prospect that the site upon which so many great memories (and terrible, terrible drunken decisions) have been made is shutting.

The new location will see two main aspects to it when completed. There will be a pub section and a separate live music section, also capable of being converted to a 400 seat capacity theatre venue. The club entrance will be via Pool Valley, which is located right next to the current entrance, so will be a home from home.

The new Haunt will undoubtedly be just as much of a hit as its current namesake, and its expansion should prove to be nothing but beneficial to Brighton's already fantastic live entertainment scene.