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Seven reasons why living with all boys is the best

Two words: No drama.

Finding a house and people to live with in second year is a struggle. Unless you came to Uni together with friends, how would you know that these people you only just met half a year ago are the people you should choose to live with?

So if you're a girl in first year who's lost about who to live with, here are the reasons why you should choose to live with only guys in second year. Speaking from experience; it's great!

1. Guys are way less dirty than you think

Girls are messy as hell, throwing around all their clothes in the morning. All the boys I live with literally have three tops that they actually wear – it's hard to get messy when deciding between two of them and one is in the wash.

Also, I swear I keep trying to help in the household and clean things. But everytime I make up my mind in the evening to clean the bathroom or the floor in the kitchen, I wake up to a fully spring cleaned and vacuumed house. Maybe I just got lucky?

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2. Everyone just speaks their mind

Guys have no problem to just speak their mind if they have an issue with you. You always know where you stand with them. Whether it's who should take out the bins or if they have a personal bone to pick, they will say it directly. That tends to solve problems a whole lot quicker.

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3. Guys are actually super good listeners

Whenever I have a problem I can just go down to the living room and rant about it and there will be one of the guys sitting there, listening to me. Yes, they are probably sitting there playing their newest game (not trying to stereotype, just telling it like it is). But they do actually give helpful advice.

I get answers like: "Whatever, just cut them out of your life", which is why now I don't have friends anymore (just joking…).

4. You get to have your own chill time

Mostly because they are too scared to enter your room as you could be doing something scandalous (in reality you're just lying in bed watching Netflix.)

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5. Time together is always fun

Whenever I feel like it, I can just pop down to the living room and it is very likely that one of the boys will be sitting there. Plus, maybe you get to meet their lovely girlfriends, in case you do miss the girl time.

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6. They are secretly very considerate

Guys are actually super considerate of your feelings, and most of the time will make sure to ask if: you're okay, "would you like to play, too?", and if you're lucky they might even walk you to the bus stop in the dark.

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It even got so far that when it got to choosing rooms, the boys argued against me sleeping in the smallest room because it "wouldn't be fair, she's already the only girl" – we ended up drawing straws anyway.

7. Just. No drama.

(Well most of the time).