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Sussex SU election results announced

Amongst the officers, there were two successful re-elections

Yesterday, on the 8th March, Sussex announced its new Students' Union officers for the next year. The new SU President Filip Vasilijevic had a landslide victory in the initial voting stage by 400 votes.

Other successful candidates include Niina Halberg, the new Welfare Officer, both Running Mates Benjamin Matthews and Chris Harding secured roles as the Postgraduate Education Officer and Undergraduate Education Officer respectively, Society & Citizenship Officer Ijal, and a re-election for Activities Officer Becky Doran.

This marks the end of three continuous years of all female full-time officers.

Part Time Officer results included the new Women Students’ Officer Sarah Osborn, the Trans and Non-Binary Students' Officer Blaike Lennon (another successful re-election following his recent Student Award nomination for Outstanding Contribution to the Students' Union), the LGBTQ+ Officer Shreya Murall, Ethnic Minority Students Officer Aditi Srivastava, and Students with Disabilities Officer Callum Chapman.

The Sussex Tab wishes them the best of luck over the coming year.