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‘The university is over subscribed’: The Sussex Tab talks to SU President candidate Jonathan Busby

‘I will be publishing my weekly timetable’

We spoke to Jonathan Busby, a second year mathematics student, who hopes to win presidency with the motto: "How can I help"?

Jonathan's three main policies are improving the volunteering hub (to help with student volunteering in the local community), improving training for all volunteers (such as reps), and to have an open door policy for students to talk about the real issues affecting them.

One of your main points for improving democracy is the creation of a student platform, how would you manage this?

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Jonathan wants students to come and chat during any free time

Jonathan states he has "proposed an open door policy which means that any time I don't have a meeting I would be happy to discuss issues with students, which would also be implanted by publishing my weekly timetable".

Jonathan also adds that he would "like to hear from students in a variety of ways including anonymous surveys and regular forums".

In your manifesto you mention wanting to lobby the university to cap student numbers. Why is this important for Sussex and how do you intend lobbying the university?

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"It's important we get resources sorted before increasing student numbers"

Jonathan admits that the university is "oversubscribed, the WiFi is rubbish, the lecture theatres are full and overbooked". The candidate also adds that resources are lacking, especially the mental health services.

"Mental health in university should be one of the most fought for service" Jonathan argues. To help with mental health on campus, Jonathan wants to install more benches and create more relaxing places around campus to help students recharge.

Jonathan intends to ask the university to "publish their full student numbers (including part time students)" and discuss their reasons for increase.

How has being a student rep for two years impacted you and made you a more suitable SU president candidate in your opinion?

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"By sitting on the council I know how the important decisions process works," Jonathan tell us. "As a society rep I have seen how limited funding is for societies and what training societies need."

For this reason, the candidate believes that he is in the "best place to deal with society problems as well as academic problems too".

As one of your policies for improving academic standards you mentioned installing backup pop up libraries, can you speak a little more about this vision?

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Buzz for Busby is back

Jonathan explains that the backup library would work with a "portable laptop bank and books from the library hosted in a variety of rooms across campus". This would help with studying in peak times especially during exam season.

Jonathan also intends to lower the hidden cost of university and improving student welfare by making laundry cheaper.

Don't forget to vote! You can vote online or in person, but keep in mind voting closes Friday March 8th at 5pm.