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It’s Go Green Week, here’s what’s happening

Get involved in a more sustainable future

The only thing that could make Sussex Uni any more green: Go Green Week. Join in for fun events and educating experiences, all sustainable and environmentally friendly, of course.

Monday started with a bang. The start of Go Green Week already saw six successful events; including topics such as food waste; helping bees; an Ecosia campaign and why riding to work benefits us and the environment.

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cycle instead of using a car!

Want to win an Amazon voucher as a start to the week Monday on evening? Win at the Green Pop Quiz, hosted by the Equestrian Sports Soc. Where? Northfield bar. When? 8pm – 11pm

Tuesday 26

For this week's Falmer Market, the local food traders will be offering even more greens and focusing on vegans and veggies. Where? Falmer Quad. When? 11am – 2pm

Want to get rid of some clothes you never wear and books you don't read? Leave unwanted items at the Go Green Swap Shop and grab something new! Anything left over will be donated to charity. Where? Northfield Bar. When? 12pm – 5pm

This week, Go Green SKINT goes plastic free! Come for the usual deals but with paper cups. Where? Falmer Bar. When? 8pm – 2am

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Wednesday 27

This week, Free Wednesdays focuses on plastic usage for sanitary products. Where? Falmer House Reception. When? 12pm – 2pm

Instead of plastic bags, use fabric bags! Make your own with the Craft Society. Where? Falmer House, Meeting Room 4. When? 2pm – 4pm

Come to the Film Screening of the critically acclaimed movie 'An Inconvenient Truth' to be shocked, inspired and to learn. Where? Jubilee 144. When? 3pm

Thursday 28

Bring the birds to your garden and to campus by making birdfeeders from recycled materials! Where? Jubilee G30. When? 12pm – 2pm

You can virtually see the conservation on Sussex Campus. Literally. Come to watch conservation on VR headsets! Where? Jubilee G30. When? 12pm – 2pm

Get drunk for charity! Buy Green cocktails that fund the Sussex Wildlife Trust. Where? Northfield Bar. When? 5pm – 11pm

Friday 29

All Day: Remember to bring your reusable cup to campus, because this Friday it is Cup Free Friday!

Caroline Lucas will be coming to campus this week to talk about what needs to be done for a greener, more sustainable future! Where? Northfield Bar. When? 12pm – 1 pm

Compete in teams for a prize to find the most litter with the help of the Scavenger Hounds of the Sussex DogSoc. Where? Lawn Opposite Attenborough Centre. When? 12pm – 1.30pm

To celebrate the end of Go Green Week, pop down to Northfield Bar to grab a free tasters and discounts on the local Seacider. Where? Northfield Bar. When? 6pm – 9pm.