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These are the Sussex sports teams running the half marathon

YAY SPORTS (and charity!)

This Sunday, February 24, sees the annual Brighton Half Marathon take place. The course is a leisurely, 21km jog around the seafront.

Sports at Sussex may not have the greatest reputation, but sports teams at Sussex are showing their true colours this Sunday as a mere highlight of some of the amazing things they regularly do in aid of great causes.

The teams are all supporting amazing charities and would love to see as many supportive Sussex faces as possible to help them through the gruelling run.

Here's a quick spotlight on the teams taking part:

Rowing club

The relatively new University of Sussex Rowing team has seven members running this year in support of four charities: Rise, Macmillan, Alzheimer's society, and Chestnut tree. The club is aiming to raise a total of £1,000 between them through sponsorships for the run, with other fundraising endeavours on the horizon.

In the past they've raised over £2,000 for mental health charity 'Mind' through their annual '24 hour row', the next of which is happening later this term.

Here's a link to their fundraising page where you can read more about the club's efforts in reaching their goal. The members running will all be wearing their bright red University of Sussex Rowing club shirts, so keep an eye out!

Women's Rugby

This year 27 members of the Sussex Women's rugby team will once again be taking on the Brighton Half Marathon. With the goal of raising £1,000 in support of the charities Wooden Spoon and Mencap. Wooden Spoon is a charity with the mission "to positively transform the lives of children and young people with a disability or facing disadvantage across the UK and Ireland through the power of rugby". The charity Mencap helps to promote equality for, and provide aid to, people with learning disabilities.

More information about the club's efforts and fundraising can be found here

Women's Football

The women's football club has 25 members running this year, from all three of their teams. They will be running in support of the charity Look Good Feel Better; the only charity which runs confidence boosting cosmetic and make up workshops for people struggling with the side effects of cancer.

Their aim is to provide help to those struggling to manage the physical side effects of cancer and is without a doubt worth the amazing hard work and dedication Women's football have put in to fundraising for them.

Last year the club ran in support of Mind Out, a charity focused on mental health for the LGBTQ+ community. On top of this they've hosted charity karaoke nights, bake sales and jumble sales, raising nearly £3,000 so far. After the half marathon on the March 6 they are hosting a club night at Volks to top-up the half marathon donation fund.

The Club is hoping to raise £5,000 this year through its efforts, with more information and fundraising milestones found here. Those running will be easily identified by their bright pink and white striped running vests.

Men's Rugby

The Men's Rugby team are no strangers to the Brighton Half Marathon, with this being their fourth consecutive year participating. This year they have set themselves the enormous goal of raising £12,000 with more than 60 members of the Mens Rugby Club, including coaching staff and 'Old boys', participating.

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Their chosen charity is RFU Injured Players Foundation, an organisation focused on supporting rugby players through the rehabilitation process following catastrophic injuries. The charity is one close to the club's heart as a past member Harry, known to many as 'Beaver' sustained a life changing injury playing for Sussex and is a recipient of the fantastic work of the charity.

Since 2015 the club has raised over £23,000 for the charity, with fundraising being a year-round effort. Events such as karaoke fundraisers, touch rugby tournaments, club nights and bucket collecting at Twickenham all help them in reaching their targets.

For more information on their goals and fundraising efforts click here.

With Sunday set to be a warm, sunny day (for February) what better way is there to spend it than showing some Sussex spirit. Head on down to the sea front and cheer on our sports teams out making a positive impact!