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Are you a Second Year granny?

It’s time to admit your fresher self is faded away

We all love our nan’s, and although we’ve all been warned we would end up like our parents, the similarities between second year life and the life of my lovely 80 year old gran have become a little too similar.

Who would have thought I would have such strong opinions on what constitutes a good pair of slippers!? (If you are looking for tips, comfort is one thing but support is another).

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Uggs or Fuggs, they're the comfiest

So, if you’re reading this article it may be that you’re already feeling concerned. You don’t go out as much as you did in first year, you’re starting to realise the difference between the “good” and “bad” bin liners and if someone hurts your house plant they may has well as stabbed you in the heart.

If so, here are some clear signs that you have reached the granny state at the so-called “prime of life.”

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Fairy lights and Netflix > Clubbing

Yes, we still like the occasional night out at The Haunt or Revenge, but really the thought of curling up with your laptop and watching a rom com with your uni wife feels a lot more inviting.

You’re already thinking through you’re wretched hangover and lack of sleep so, snuggling up among your decorative pillows with a cup of tea definitely feels like the better option.

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Snacks are essential x

Taking up a craft

What uni student doesn’t love to crochet? Who would have thought that uni life would be filled with such domestic joys, 15 year old me definitely did not. The satisfaction of learning to knit and making pom poms makes you realise the joy it brings your nan. Although I did not envision turning into my nan this early on, I am very happy to have done.

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Becoming a house plant lover

That loving, caring feeling your nan gets about her grandchildren starting to grow up? You start to feel the same as your watch yourself actually water, look after and not kill your plant.

It may just be a few cacti from Ikea but they count. Loving and watering your plants and sometimes paying a little too much attention than you’d like to admit is a key part of the second year granny lifestyle

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Owning an apron

Yes, I feel like a domestic goddess and yes, I love it. Baking some homemade treats for your housemates definitely fills you with the same love and joy that it does your nan.

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Falling asleep on the sofa

You always see your nan nodding off when watching Call The Midwife, but who would have thought midway through a pre it would be so easy to slip into a nap on the sofa.

It may be cute when your nan does it, but seeing the mugshots your mates have taken of you when you wake up makes you realise you’re definitely still a student.

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But when all is said and done, you're the housemate that everyone loves and secretly admires.

Feeling like a Second Year granny is fabulous. Welcome to the group.