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We want to hear your Sussex housemate confessions

It’s time for round 2

This time last year, The Sussex Tab asked you to give us your housemate confessions. And, boy oh boy, you did not disappoint.

From urinating basically anywhere expect the toilet, to having sex in places that are far from hygienic, you really showed us the worst that Sussex has to offer…or did you?

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We feel we have only scratched the surface of the true horrors that Sussex students are living with, so we want to hear more 'Dear Housemate' bitchiness. The more scandalous the better!

How to get submit a 'Dear Housemate'?

If your housemate is a dickhead, or you've done something unforgivable to one of your co-inhabitants, you can submit your 'Dear Housemate' confessions here! Your submissions will be 100 per cent anonymous so you can really let rip.

Chill out Marco

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