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Sussex Men’s Lacrosse release cute dog calendar

Proceeds are going to Grassroots Suicide prevention

This year, Sussex men's Lacrosse team are selling cute doggy calendars online and in Library square in support of Grassroots Suicide Prevention. This Sussex-based charity works across the UK and encourages people to discuss suicide in friendly, safe and inclusive environments.

In the UK, suicide impacts thousands of people ever year, whether it be through thoughts or action. To fight this, Grassroots teach suicide alertness and intervention skills, raise awareness through campaigns and promote best practices in suicide prevention across their networks.

With suicide on the rise in young people in the UK through 2018 according to National Statistics, members of men’s lacrosse feel that this growing issue needs to be confronted.

A representative from the Grassroots team states, "we were pleased to hear that this issue is and can be tackled, and even more happy to hear sometimes opening up and encouraging discussion surrounding suicide is the most effective way of reducing harm".

Since 2013, the club have produced calendars every year in support of a chosen charity. The 2019 campaign is their largest so far, with the majority of proceeds going towards Grassroots and a small percentage going towards continuing charity initiatives hosted by the men's Lacrosse team.

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The team experienced great success on the pitch in 2018, particularly after winning the BUCS South Eastern cup, and now want to give back off the pitch. For them, the dog calendar is a way of showing people not be afraid of conveying emotion or taking time off to de-stress, which hanging out with friendly dogs is great for!

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The men's Lacrosse team give thanks to Sussex Dog Walking society who made their cute doggy photoshoot happen. If you've not seen their Instagram, follow @sussexdogsoc for updates on their walks and events.
If you're interested in purchasing a doggy calendar online, click here.

The calendars will also be sold for £8.99 in Library square over the next few weeks, and further details regarding times can be found on the men's Lacrosse Facebook page: @sussexmenslax .