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How to enjoy Valentine’s Day whilst remaining an absolute lad

Don’t worry boys, Dr Ladentine’s is here

Valentine's Day. Girls go crazy over it, and guys get driven crazy over it by having to part with their cash. Worry not though, because us lads can have a good day too, even if you're a single pringle. Just like those delicious potato chips, you too are a certified SNACK (regardless of relationship status) and also deserve a great day.

Valentine's Day isn't just about the ladies, you get lonely lads and sad boys too. So here's a guide to Valentine's Day with the boys, so you can enjoy the day whilst maintaining your laddy integrity.

Go out for a manly brunch

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Edited?! I don't know what you mean.

Firstly, why delay celebrations until the evening? Grab your wallet and fellow singletons and head out for a manly brunch. We'd recommend finding an aesthetic restaurant for a particularly 'grammable experience, so you can make that girl you fancy super jealous.

What better way to hide the crippling loneliness of a single Valentine's than with some great Insta posts and amazing food with the boys. For something a little sweeter: try filling the loveless internal void with some lad-tastic desserts, because nothing says masculinity like ice cream.

Do some swiping on tinder

Dating apps are the 21st century's answer to the hardships of finding "the one". What's more romantic than finding the love of your life by swiping right? Just because you didn't manage to secure a date for this year's V-Day doesn't mean you can't hold out hope for the next one. If you're super lucky, you might even find someone up for some last minute fun, in this case, ditch the boys immediately, the lonely bastards. Polish up your account, and get swiping to avoid coming back to this article next year.

Go to the pub with the boys

Need I say more?

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Bros before hoes

Go for a cheeky Nando's with the lads

Nando's, the mecca of every male's youth. While the girl of your dreams may not be waiting for you with open arms this year, everyone's favourite chicken restaurant will be. Who needs the warm tingle of love when you've got the searing burn of extra hot sauce.

Go for a super manly walk with the bros

Of course, despite flexing on your coupled-up friends with food through Instagram, your social feeds will definitely be filled with mushy love crap. Our advice? Run away from it, or rather, walk away from it. What a better way to avoid the societal expectations of the 14th than to avoid society itself, genius right? Take advantage of the OG lovely lady, mother nature, and admire her beauty this Valentine's Day.

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Cute Valentine's stroll with all my friends and lovers

Big night out (or in)

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Love < friendship < alcohol

When the evening draws in you are spoiled for choice with how to fill your time, making up for not being spoiled for choice of prospective lovers wanting to spend the day with you. Return to the pub, go clubbing or simply do nothing; it's up to you.

However, realising not everyone's on my wavelength of 'drink your feelings away', sometimes the best thing to do with the guys is a manly pizza, a chick-flick (to look at the fit girls obvs) and a super manly cuddle. At the end of the day who needs love when you've got friends? (I hope it's not just me cringing inside rn.)

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So grab your lads, go get messy and enjoy Valentine's Day, because you too are worth it hun.