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From ‘Spill the Tea’ to ‘Sussex Uni Boob Team’: Sussex SU adds 64 new societies

Which one are you going to join?

With Refreshers Fair happening tomorrow, there's always a chance to try something new and sign up for one of the many socities on offer. Since the previous Freshers' Fair, the University Of Sussex Students' Union has seen the launch of 64 new societies.

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With 24 brand new societies for the Spring Term, the Students' Union has increased the total number of societies at the university to a whopping 276.

New societies beginning this term include "Spill the Tea" – a group dedicated to tea drinking – and "Sussex Uni Boob Team" who aim to raise awareness of Breast Cancer. There's even a new Bingo night starting on Thursdays in Falmer common room.

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University of Sussex Activities Officer, Becky Doran, said: "This year the societies committee in the SU have approved 64 new societies and most will be at the Refreshers Fair. With a total of 155 student groups at the fair, this is an amazing opportunity for students to see the amazing things our groups are doing and join something new".

The Students' Union reviews new society applications four times a year. If you've got a dream, you can make your own: "All you need to get started is three people to be your committee and an idea."

You can view a full list of all Sussex University Societies here. Refreshers Fair takes place on Tuesday 5th February (tomorrow) outside Falmer House so you can check out societies in person and see what is on offer.