Breaking: A man has been arrested in Sussex Uni Library

He was taken away in handcuffs

A man has been arrested at the University of Sussex Library, being led away in handcuffs at roughly midday on Wednesday, January 9.

Several students witnessed the arrest of a man, who was handcuffed by two men, although it is currently unclear as to why this was and whether these men were police officers or not.

One eyewitness told The Sussex Tab: "He tried to run away and was tackled by the security guards. Couldn't find what was on the computer, they shut it down."

After being handcuffed, the man's computer was apparently inspected by the two men, and he was then led away from the scene by a total of four men. One student who was in the library at the time claims they confiscated the man's backpack.

Another eyewitness said: "I saw four men leading him out of the Library. I think one of the men had 'POLICE' on his back".

Footage recorded by a Sussex student, Alfie, showed the man being led away from the library in handcuffs. Alfie told The Sussex Tab there were "about 5/6 security people with him."

Another person said: "How am I meant to focus on exams when u got people being arrested in the library."

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