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How each Sussex halls will celebrate Christmas

At the end of the day, if you decorate shit in tinsel it’s still shit

Its that time of year again. Time to dust of your tacky light up Christmas jumper, put up the tree and deck the halls with festive cheer. Unlike at home, uni students are not blessed with being able to go up to the family attic to retrieve all of your classic household Christmas decor. However, it is possible to turn your halls into a Winter Wonderland, but some are better at it than others.


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It is a well known fact that Northfielders are as basic as basic can be, and are happy to accept any excuse for a celebration on a (not-so) student budget. So it's no surprise that Northfield will welcome in the festive season by being extra AF. Think glittery baubles, tinsel, cheesy slogan signs and an abundance of fairy lights. Perfect for hosting many oh so glamorous Christmas pre-drinks.

Splashing out the student loan on expensive ornaments and endless metres of fairy lights isn't an issue as long as you make it worth it by capturing the perfect Instagram to show off to your friends across the pond.

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The lads of Northfield are no exception, by putting the left over bottles from a mad sesh to good use by creating a Christmas tree that's inventive and exceptionally student friendly. Stack 'em up, cover in tinsel and your good to go (and don't forget your most expensive bottle for the star on top)

Park Village

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Let's be honest, Park Village can't really get much worse, so adding a bit of festive spirit wouldn't hurt anybody. Those who live in Park Village really do know how to make the best out of an unfortunate situation. Grab a traffic cone on your drunk adventure home and cover in cute sentimental photos. Or dump your flat mates in it and create a naughty and nice list, best part, it's all free!

East Slope

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East Slope is famously known for being oh so fun on a budget. This does not stop at Christmas, as they showcase their talent for really being able to work with what they're given, even if that is only a mini Christmas tree from Poundland shoved in the corner.

Much like East Slope itself, its Christmas decor is simple, and so very cheap that no one would really care if it got ruined in one of their 3am raves. But at the end of the day, if you decorate shit in tinsel it's still shit.


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Stanmer have got to resemble the ghost of Christmas past, but we'll give it to them, they don't have the worst Christmas decor going. Keeping it simple by channeling an eclectic collection of Christmas themed inflatables from clubs across Brighton, along with the classic frosted windows and tinsel. Shame that no one will ever see it though.


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Being the little homely village Sussex campus, Brighthelm perfectly capture Christmas in the best way possible. Classic old fashioned, multicoloured fairy lights and tinsel to create the perfect family feel, the 'home away from home' if you will. We bet they would host a wonderful Christmas dinner too.

Park Houses

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Park houses are undoubtedly the most average accommodations on Campus, perfectly reflected in their pathetic attempt at Christmas decor. Although York house have got into the spirit of things by lighting the way with some festive lights and a (pretty ordinary looking) Christmas tree.

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Lewes Court

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Looks like Lewes Court were feeling pretty Ba-Humbug this year. Commonly known as the underdog halls but seems as though they have decided to celebrate in other ways this Christmas?

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Being the most expensive accommodation on campus, you'd think that Swanborough would really splash out on Christmas decorations, especially as their kitchen windows are completely on view for everyone walking past to admire. Turns out, they're just like the rest of us, and an abundance of fairy lights and a rouge inflatable Santa hanging from the windowsill will do the trick.