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Hallelujah! You can now bring hot drinks into the library at Sussex

Tea-smuggling is no longer necessary

It was announced this week that the Library will allow students to bring hot drinks into the library from the new year. The days of spilling your flask of coffee in your bag in an attempt to smuggle it past security, are over.

However, the library are only permitting containers with sealable lids, so take away cups are still not allowed. The University are giving out reusable, sealable cups to reduce the environmental impact, as many take-away coffee cups cannot be recycled.

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President of the Students' Union, Frida Gustafsson, has been working with the Library team to allow hot drinks in the library since the start of her term in June, and she is "chuffed" it has been put into place. Speaking to The Tab, Frida said "This was one of the first manifesto pledges I came up with when I decided I wanted to run for President, as I was so tired of not being able to bring my coffee into the library when spending my days writing essays."

Now grab your flasks and get to work.