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You can now vote to make Sussex’s Co-op prices cheaper

What do we want? £3 meal deals. When do we want them? Now!

In this year's autumn referenda period, one student has submitted a referendum stating that they wish to see the on-campus Sussex Co-op to be more 'student friendly' prices and to lower the prices of their products.

The referendum states that since Sussex is one of the most expensive campus to live in outside of London that every measure should be taken in order to reduce costs for students. The referendum states that Co-op has a 'monopoly' on campus that they take advantage of through expensive products.

The argument for the referendum also states that the store often runs out of essential items such as bread.

After receiving more than 150 votes during the petition stage, the referendum was put forward to a panel that would analyse the legality and and factual accuracy of the referendum. Once approved, the referendum would then go to a public vote.

The referendum in question requires 450 votes in total so that it will be binding. Once a decision is made, elected officers and the Students' Union will campaign for either side and lobby the necessary people in order to make sure the decision goes ahead.

In addition, a referendum for cheaper and easier travel to campus has also been revealed. This referendum focuses on increasing bus fares, bike racks, and many other aspects of travelling to campus.

This, and the Co-op referendum, will be debated publicly on November 28 in Fulton G15.

Voting for these referendums has already begun and will continue until December 1 where the voting will close and the result will be revealed later than day .

How can you vote? Click on this link here, log in with your Sussex student account, and then simply pick how you want to vote in the referendums.