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Let’s be honest, every student bedroom needs a cactus

I’m a succer for a succulent

Someone once asked me for one piece of advice for starting at university. What was the golden advice I would give that person?

Get a cactus. Get five. Just get a cactus.

Here's why.

Missing your pet? Get a cactus

Sometimes university can feel like you're living in a little fishbowl, staring at your readings for the week and thinking about whether you can afford to order a takeaway. Anyone who has a pet back home knows how hard it is at uni without having your cat, dog, hamster, tiger etc. there to give you some love and affection when you need it. Being pet-less at university reminds us of how much joy we receive from caring for something. How to solve this problem? Get a cactus.

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You remind me of my dog back home. He's called Spike.

Want your room to feel more homely? Get a cactus

Is your room missing something? Does it feel not quite complete? You've brought all your posters from home and that ornament you got in Bali on your gap year, but it doesn't quite feel complete? You're missing that little finishing touch? Get a cactus.

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Feel like you're not achieving enough at uni? Get a cactus

Sometimes uni can feel like you're swimming around a lot, but not really getting everywhere. Days blur into nights and suddenly a term has gone. What did you accomplish this term? Rushing essays at the last minute doesn't quite satisfy. Get yourself a cactus, and you'll have accomplished caring for a living being for a whole term. Go you.

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This one hasn't died yet!

Want someone to patiently listen to you talk about your problems? Get a cactus

Cacti are great listeners, and they don't show any physical signs that they're getting bored of hearing about your problems. Students have a lot of problems to vent about, and a cactus is the perfect agony aunt.

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What are you thinking about?

Need a conversation starter for visitors? Get a cactus

Cacti are great for conversations. Anyone who owns a cactus knows the joy of walking into someone else's house and seeing one prickly little fella sat on the shelf. There are also endless, succulent puns to be used when talking about cacti. Don't be a prick, get a cactus.

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That's a nice looking pair of cacti you've got there

Looking to boost your Instagram aesthetic? Get a cactus

Do you want to feel like you're living in a room that people would want to post on their instagram? Get yourself a big patterned tapestry on the wall, some fairly lights, a couple of candles and a big beautiful cactus. Trust me, your aesthetic will be on point.

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They don't even have to be real ones!