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Brighton is missing out on the Coca-Cola truck – again

Santa Claus isn’t coming to town

It’s that time again. December is looming, and with it comes a flurry of festivities. The Christmas lights are switched on, Santa is in shop windows, and the Coca-Cola truck is in town – unless, of course, you live in Brighton.

With a line up of 42 locations beginning in Glasgow and ending on the 17th December in Essex, the tour is undeniably busy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t prevent the disappointment felt by children and grown-ups alike at the news that they won’t be able to take a selfie with the shining festive truck.

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The Coca-Cola Truck in Winchester, 2015

Where is the truck going?

The delivery of Christmas cheer is taking place up and down the country, in major cities such as Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London. Smaller English towns, such as Bradford, Gainsborough and Telford, are also getting to join in the fun. This has sparked some contention, particularly amongst Scottish and Welsh citizens. With only one Coca-Cola-approved city each (Glasgow and Cardiff), Scotland and Wales feel just as deprived as we do without their share of winter-wonderland.

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So, why isn’t the truck coming to Brighton?

Despite Coca-Cola’s promise to “add new locations to the tour every year”, Brighton has been rejected from the limelight every year since the tour began in 2011. This has been the cause of controversy as it begs the question – why doesn’t Brighton make the cut? As one of the most popular cities in England, often referred to as “Little London”, many are confused about what more Brighton could do to entice Coca-Cola to visit.

Brighton at Christmas is particularly magical, playing host to the charming Christmas market, ice skating at the Pavilion and fairy lights decorating the lanes. With all of this on offer, perhaps Coca-Cola doesn't think that Brighton needs a jolly, Santa-laden truck to fulfil its festive quota. They're wrong.

Fingers crossed the updated route will get Brighton a visit from Santa next year!

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The ice rink at the Brighton Pavilion

Where can you see the truck?

Never fear if you’re disappointed to be missing out. Coca-Cola will of course be paying a visit to the capital. In fact, London gets to indulge in these festive delights not once, not twice but three times. So, hop on that one-hour train and head to the big city for your share of coke, selfies and fun this Christmas!

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