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We asked Sussex students to send us their confessions, and here they are

We get it, you steal your flatmate’s milk

A couple of weeks ago, we launched 'Campus Confessions'- an online, anonymous forum where Sussex students can submit untold truths about life both on and off campus.

After narrowing down the overwhelming number of responses and censoring some of the more scandalous stories (you absolute animals), we're proud to bring you the very first exposé on life as a University of Sussex student. Brace yourselves, this is a wild ride.

I once peed on a bus seat after I couldn't make it to Hobgoblin. When I got off at St Peters church I peed on the church too.

Ever thought about investing in a pair of adult nappies? I've heard that the Lewes Road Sainsbury's stock a pretty good range.

I threw up in my cleaning bucket on the first night of freshers then accidentally dropped it all over my floor.

If only there was some sort of cylindrical container you could've used to clean up your vomit…

I slept with a 25 year old non-student on the second night of freshers then invited him back a month later for sex again, then proceeded to block him on all forms of social media because he had a small dick.

You're doing amazing sweetie.

I saw someone really good looking after my seminar so I made up an excuse to ditch the person I was with and started to follow them before realising that that made me a stalker.

The definition of a 'stalker' is someone who harasses someone with unwanted and obsessive attention but, it's also someone who hunts game stealthily. Maybe try wearing camouflage next time?

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How to dress up the next time you want to stalk someone

I once saw someone be sick into a pint glass in east slope bar.

I hope they continued drinking afterwards.

There is a poo-covered coat hanger somewhere around the Norwich House building. I wish I could explain…

Not too sure what to say about this one, sounds like a load of crap to me. I'm not sure if I even want you to be able to explain.

I ate ass in the library toilets.

What a romantic setting.

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"Where shall we go to spice up this relationship?" "The Library?"

I steal my flatmate's milk all the time and blame it on my other housemate. It has caused some underlying tension, I feel pretty guilty. I'm in too deep to do anything now, and I need my cups of tea…

You're not alone. 4 other people submitted confessions related to stealing milk. Why waste your money when there is already a carton in the fridge? After all, sharing is caring.

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So this is what petty crime tastes like

I accidentally winked at my tutor through an involuntary eye twitch. I had to keep pretending to twitch to get through the whole seminar with some small shred of dignity.

If you want to finish university with a 1st, wink on.

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This isn't what I expected from one to one tutoring…

Working in the Co-op must be the shittest thing.

Not really a confession, more of a well-known fact.

I stole £1000 from my friend.

Is your friend Student Finance?

Feeling inspired? Submit your scandalous stories and juicy gossip here for your chance to be annoymously featured in the next edition of 'Campus Confessions'.