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Walkies? Sussex has a Dog Walking Society

Plenty of tail wagging here

Dog withdrawal is experienced by many university students today. This pawful experience results from leaving their good boys at home and settling into their university homes without a fluffy bundle of joy.

Suffer no more. Sussex's Dog Walking society is full of woofers of all shapes and sizes. Suddenly doggy attention doesn't seem so far fetched and they're here to tend to your doggo needs.

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Gathered on the hill by Falmer Bar were the group of dog walkers with four gorgeous doggos. As I approached the I was greeted by Poppy, a black miniature poodle spaniel. Excited and happy to see me she jumped at my legs and performed some kind of parkour flip off of me, now that's a talented pupper.

Poppy is the dog that started this society. Hal, the society's president, used to borrow dogs in her first year, to compensate for having to leave her beloved doggy at home. Students would regularly stop Hal to greet the pupper and express their longing for their own dogs. This is how the Dog Walking society was born, speaking to Hal she said she wanted to 'spread the doggy love and provide a relaxing outing for stressed students.'

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Poppy and Archer will cheer you up if you're having a ruff day

The dogs that the society walk belong to various owners around Brighton and some of them even belong to lecturers here at Sussex. 'Some professors bring their dogs in with them to work, which is great and an easy source of dogs for our walks' says Hal. The society schedule their walks to accommodate the timetables of their walkers.

Arranging the walks relies on a dedicated committee, who have to arrange the schedules of the dogs being picked up and the walkers that are.. well. Walking them.

We then departed on our walk up to Stanmer Park and through the forest. When at the top of the hill we stopped and played fetch with the doggos and gave them some biscuits. On nice days the society often stop to admire the pawsome view and have a picnic with dogs at the top of the hill.

Although being the president means you get to be surrounded by doggies every week, it also means you have to pick up their shit. You win some you lose some I suppose.

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Archer working the camera – doggy style

Speaking to Hal she said that 'the society are keen to expand our events to include various parks and areas around Brighton in the future'. Although not yet set in stone, the society want to attend Borrow my Doggy's world record attempt for the most dogs gathered in Christmas jumpers in London.

They hope to take the dogs they walk with them and contribute to the record. A Christmas dog trivia pub quiz is also on the cards from the society.

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To join, drop Hal a direct message here. The team are also looking for dedicated committee members to form relationships with the dogs and their owners so they can have more dogs on their walks. This society really are a diamond in the ruff and the pawfect solution to your dog withdrawal symptoms.