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The best places to eat and drink in Brighton and Hove have been revealed

Award-winning cuisine only

Ever wondered the best places to find food and drink around Brighton? Look no further, as the Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Awards have recently announced Brighton’s top picks of culinary delights.

The Salt Room

Ordinarily a seafood and grill restaurant, between 2:30 and 4:30 pm, The Salt Room opens an award-winning afternoon tea service. So, if you’re feeling civilised and fancy a treat, look no further than here. Located on Brighton’s sea front, it’s a beautiful spot to sip your tea whilst taking in the sea view. The afternoon tea is available every day, but make sure to book in advance to avoid missing out!

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The Salt Room

V and H Cafe

Nothing is better than a hearty breakfast after a long night, and the V and H cafe offers just that. With premium pastries, breakfasts and brunches, a variety of high grade loose leaf teas and excellent coffee, this wonderful establishment is sure to start your day off on a high. There’s no surprise it not only snatched the best cafe prize, but also the best breakfast prize too!

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Burger Brothers

If you’ve ever wanted to try “the best burger in the UK,” this is the place for you (according to TripAdvisor). Served in a friendly and welcoming environment, the burger bros are committed to making sure your burger-eating experience falls nothing short of perfection. It’s a must-try experience for all Brighton foodies out there – and don’t worry if you’re vegetarian either; the veggie special and halloumi burger are just as divine.

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La Choza

Winner of the best “cheap eats” prize, La Choza offers delicious Mexican street food for a student-affordable price. With two Brighton locations to choose from – Gloucester Road and Western Road – and vegan options included, this authentic taste of Mexico is not something you want to miss.

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The Plotting Parlour

In the mood for cocktails? The Plotting Parlour, also known as Brighton’s best kept secret, is the proud owner of the most superior cocktails in town. Surrounded by beautiful decor and even more beautiful drinks, a trip to this bar is an absolute must.

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Earth and Stars

If you’re craving some classic pub grub, Earth and Stars is the place to go. With a warm and friendly atmosphere, gourmet food (including vegan options) and a wide selection of drinks, this pub beats all others by a mile.

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Earth & Stars

Curry Leaf Cafe

The home of Brighton’s most superior Indian food, Curry Leaf Cafe is award-winning for a reason. A wide selection of tandoori-grilled meats, vegan street dishes and beautifully spiced curries are accompanied by friendly staff and an easy-going atmosphere. The Curry Leaf can be found at three Brighton locations – at the station, in the lanes or on Upper St. James’ Street.

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New to Brighton, these Belgian fries have swiftly made their mark as Brighton’s top chip suppliers. Infamous for the fries’ addictive texture – soft and fluffy on the inside, crunchy on the outside – and range of sauces to go on top, this family business is definitely one to check out.

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64 Degrees

If you’re searching for a modern and innovative dining experience, this is the place for you. An ever-evolving menu of small plate meals allows you to try and choose a variety of exciting dishes. The open kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, allowing you to watch and interact with the chefs as they work on their concoctions.

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The Chilli Pickle

Has it been one of those days where you’re too lazy to cook for yourself, or even move from the sofa? Treat yourself to the winner of Brighton and Hove’s best takeaway – The Chilli Pickle. Beautiful Indian food is delivered straight to your door – what more could you ask for? Or, if you’re feeling slightly more adventurous, venture out to visit the bustling restaurant located on Jubilee Street for the full Chilli Pickle experience.

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So, if you live in Brighton and you haven’t experienced any of these places yet – what are you waiting for? Go now, enjoy the best delicacies Brighton has to offer, and don’t forget to leave a nice review on TripAdvisor!