We asked Sussex students what makes them happy

“Um…can I say prosecco?”

Halloween celebrations are now over for yet another year and the struggles and stresses of mid-term assessments and deadlines is finally upon us.

So you might be feeling like there’s not a lot to be happy about right now but fear not, sometimes it’s just the little things in life. Like finding a rogue fiver in your wallet, finally getting around washing your dirty bed sheets, or drunkenly reuniting with your mates in a club after thinking you’d lost them for good.

Here’s what makes Sussex students happy…

ALIA – 18, Geography

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Um… can I say Prosecco?

TOM – 19, Economics

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Rugby and everything that surrounds it, especially the brotherhood we have with our team mates…but I know I can always rely on my friends and girlfriend back home to make me happy.


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The rise of youth involvement in politics and political debates make me happy, along with Jeremy Corbyn, of course.

SOPHIE – 18, English Lit & Philosophy

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Pryzm Wednesdays.

RACHEL – 18, English Language

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There's something about 3am DMCs in the Park Village “social space” that make me happy.

MADDIE – 18, Social Work

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Seeing other people get really, really excited about something that means a lot to them makes me so happy.

MEGAN – 18, Sociology & Criminology

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Just being surrounded by friends, family and making good memories.

JAMES – 18, Genetics

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Cooking with my flatmates and phone calls with the wifey.