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Overheard at Sussex: Your secrets exposed

What are you guys like?

This past week The Tab Sussex have been listening out for your weird and wonderful conversations, and you lot definitely didn't disappoint. Our ears have been graced with some fantastic quotes. Others, we couldn't protect our poor selves from. Here's a compilation of things we've genuinely overheard on Sussex campus.

The Library Square:

"When you think about it, uni is exactly like Butlins"

"You can tell me that I'm wrong, but poverty definitely has a smell"

"I have so much rice I'm using it as a doorstop"

"If you broke your leg fair enough"

"What up my Glipglops"

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"Oh I think I've slept with one of you"

"Living in Northfield I feel like I'm at a Premier Inn"

"I'm so sorry I dropped your couscous out of the fridge" – "What the quinoa?!"

"I'm not even joking I'm stealing your eggs"

"If you like coke you can have this number, I'm not supposed to say who they are but they're Albanians"

N25 Bus:

"'I miss Mary Berry more than I miss my mum"

"'I would definitely punch a seagull"

"Why would you let him do 4 pills"

"I am cold, hungry, and all I wanna do is sleep with someone"

"I lost my virginity and I lost my ID card. You win some you lose some"

"I don't think I would ever take a shit in a urinal"

Lectures / The Library:

"It's not a secret anymore, everyone poos at the top floor of the library"

"Rotisserie chicken?!"

"Cabbage is a fallacy"

"5 foot 11, I didn't even know that was a thing "

General Chit Chat:

"I think I need to tweet Jack Whitehall, Fresh Meat was not an accurate representation of uni life"

"I had a dream we had sex in East slope toilets, you game?"

"I'm the only person who's ever gone balls deep in him ever"

"What's the worst drug you've ever taken? Mine's heroin"

"Who wants to walk a marathon"

"Have you heard of a game called ring of fire"

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