We had a session with a Brighton Tarot reader and it was so much better than we expected

We didn’t find out who we were going to marry


Tarot cards can unlock your past, unveil the present and give guidance into your future, JJ says on her Facebook page. Tarotology is the practice of using cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by posing a question to the tarot cards which can help you make important decisions concerning relationships, work, family and health.

JJ has been reading tarot cards since 1993 and is a member of a long line of clairvoyants, people who claim to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. She has been established in Brighton for many years with regular clients, including international students, who return frequently for JJ's help and guidance, or for comfort if they feel far from home.

We visited JJ Tarot one afternoon as first-time sceptics to see what the cards would tell us.

Megan, 19, English Literature

My experience with JJ's tarot reading was really quite eye-opening. I left feeling dazed and confused, yet dreamy and refreshed. I walked in very sceptical. I've never done anything very superstitious apart from reading my horoscope, but that never really helps me anyway. I had always wanted to try it, but I was always afraid that I'd leave knowing 'something bad' was coming my way or something that would give me anxiety about my future. However it was nothing like this at all.

I'd describe it as "therapy-in-reverse". JJ gave me honest and true advice, after reading the cards I had shuffled and dealt myself, and asking questions from what she could see in the cards. The themes revolved around relationships, family, work, and even personal goals and ambitions. After reading the cards, JJ would ask me questions such as 'is your love life complicated?', 'what's your relationship with your dad like?' and 'do you have some upcoming tests?'. These questions felt very current and real to me, so it surprised me when she asked them.

Even though I'm still quite sceptical about it all, JJ made me feel very relaxed, especially with her small dog in the room and the setting right next to the sea. I will definitely be going back in the January to see her again and receive new guidance for the New Year.

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Kizzie, 19, Psychology

I was very scared about getting my tarot cards read. I pictured a crazy old lady wearing a headscarf and silver bangles, foreseeing my imminent death through a crystal ball. I was sceptical, expecting to hear generic predictions about my future such as ‘I’d meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger’ or ‘I’d be rich beyond my wildest dreams’.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The 20-minute session felt more like a form of counselling. JJ Tarot was really friendly and I felt relaxed as soon as I entered her shop on Brighton’s seafront. The cards covered a variety of topics from work and school to more personal themes like my family and love life. What surprised me most was how accurate the cards were. JJ Tarot would ask me a question related to one of the cards, for example ‘has your family life been complicated recently?’, and then tell me things about myself that were unnervingly true. I say tarot card reading is similar to counselling because JJ Tarot doesn’t just describe your life, she also offers you advice on how to progress in the future and solve any problems you may have.

I left the session feeling lighter and more stress-free than I have in ages.

Having my tarot cards read has helped me to see my life clearly from another perspective, one which has made me feel more confident about what the future holds. I would definitely recommend going to anyone. In fact, I’m booked in again for the New Year.

No appointments are necessary, but you can book in advance for specific dates. To see her opening times, check her latest Facebook posts or visit her small shop located on Madeira Drive, Brighton seafront. It costs £20 for a 20 minute session, and you can opt for general advice or specific advice to family, love, work, or anything else you want to discuss.