This is not a drill, there’s a Peep Show quiz happening at East Slope

Hey look, it’s cleanshirt

If you feel like your soul is being chipped away bit by bit by the world of work, then you'll be pleased to hear your hours of binging Peep Show can finally be put to good use. That's right, on Sunday 22nd October at 7pm, East Slope are hosting their own Peep Show pub quiz.

"Want to prove you're the best El Dude brothers in town? Dying to get your hands on the sugarbowl of your dreams?"

"Then come down to East Slope's PEEP SHOW pub quiz and prove you know everything there is to know about the non-adventures of Jeremy and Mark."

Entry to the quiz is £1 per person and there's a 6 person limit on quiz teams. So what are you waiting for? Don't shit on your dreams, head down to East Slope to enjoy some rainbow rhythms.