Going through a rough pooch? Doggy De-Stress is coming back to campus

You mutt as well come and see the labradorable pups

This Wednesday, 4th October, professionally trained therapy dogs will be coming to the Meeting House on campus to provide cuddles to students, completely free of charge. The event is organised by the Students' Union in partnership with Sussex Caring Pets.

Between noon and 2.30pm you will be able to book a slot to spend time with the therapy dogs. The slot will be half an hour long (twice the length of time of last year's slots). It is strongly advised that you book a slot online (It won't cost you anything) so that you avoid disappointment. You can book your Doggy De-Stress slot here.

Last year, a very successful Doggy De-Stress session was held at the Falmer House Common Room. The event aims to encourage mental relaxation for the students, whilst also providing copious amounts of cuteness.

It will be a pawsitively wonderful experience.

It will be a pawsitively wonderful experience.

The therapy dogs you will get to meet are from Sussex Caring Pets and are professionally trained to provide therapy in hospitals, care-homes, schools and hospices. You can find out more about the registered charity here.

You can also view the event here.