I swear you find these items in every Sussex student house

If you don’t have a Student Taxis mug are you even a student in Brighton?

As the year begins, a huge collection of drunken finds and Freshers' Fair freebies start to build up in every student dwelling.

From pint glasses to pens to flashing disco sticks, there are items which are gloriously and quintessentially Sussex.

Student Taxis mug

It might be used as a pen pot, an ashtray or an actual mug, but there is always at least one of these Freshers' Fair gems in every student house. We see them there every day, yet, has anyone ever actually used the Student Taxis company?

Flower garland

Who's getting lei'd tonight?

Who's getting lei'd tonight?

Whether you got it when moving in to halls or from a blurry night in Lola Lo's (RIP), I bet there's a lei in your house. It's useful for literally any kind of fancy dress if you're creative enough and wearing one to the first Pryzm Wednesday of this year got you in for free before 11.

A Pav Tav shot glass

It's quids in at Pav Tav, you're a few drinks down and you order a £1.50 jagerbomb. You're greeted by a sci-fi jagerbomb glass which, by some kind of wizardry, makes the jager sit on top of the Red Bull. We've all experienced it and we've all lost the fight with our moral compass not to pocket the glass. Unfortunately they've stopped serving jagerbombs in the cool glasses – probably because they all got nicked and now are serving as ashtrays in student houses across Brighton.

A vegetarian

One of your housemates is probably a vegetarian. Even if they crumble at the prospect of a drunk Burger King, their shelf in the fridge is full of tofu and greens. They're a good person and you kind of resent them for it, but you should've expected it when you chose to come to Sussex.

Flashing foam sticks from Pryzm

Flashing foam VK sticks are to students what shiny things are to magpies. We're drawn to them as soon as the point in the night that they start circulating the main room. By the time they've infiltrated the disco room, you'll see people clutching onto the the flashing sticks or shoving them down their trousers as a desperate memento from their wild Wednesday night.

Society condoms

Among some of the best Freshers' Fair relics, grabbed in handfuls by horny and often overly optimistic freshers. People love to talk about how Freshers' Fair condoms are too small, but the reality is that they tend to sit in a draw and never get used.

The Little Bible 2

There's a man in town who has condensed the New Testament into a tiny red book including the most relevant passages from the Bible. He is often found around the North Laine or the Level handing out his books, which have now become a nice accessory to the Brighton after-sesh.

A poster for an event you've probably never been to

You may have collected it on a night out, you may have been handed it by a promoter, but you almost definitely have one. A club night that never took your fancy or an obscure night at Mono haunts your wall as you realise you're as bad as the people who wear the t-shirt of a band they don't listen to.

Ball pit balls from the Arch

Seeing as they spill out literally everywhere and threaten to trip up anyone who walks along the seafront on a Tuesday night, you don't even need to go to the Arch to get these. They serve literally no purpose other than an improvised way to annoy your housemates, but it wouldn't be a student house without them.